There is an increasing demand from the market for custom built work in the area of water. As the water partner for industry, North Water maps out its client’s entire water chain and subsequently offers to provide them with a long-term tailor-made solution. North Water produces and delivers the desired quality of industrial water. Also North Water is active in the eld of waste water puri cation. North Water takes care of the design, the construction and the management of the plants and, if required, the nancing too (DBFO). At the basis of the relationship are partnership, reliability, certainty of supply, sustainability and transparency. The basis for the cooperation is a win-win situation.


Waterbedrijf Groningen takes care of potable water. The Municipality of Delfzijl has main waterworks with a length of 260 kilometers and a line size of over 50 mm (5 centimeter). The cost of water (per liter) depends on the connection, quantity and quality (‘potable water’, ‘industry water’, ‘demin water’ and ‘water fit for use’) for your plant. The current price of potable water per 1,000 liter (1 m3) is Euro 0.40 excl. VAT (for consumption less than 3 m3/hr).


The direct discharge of unpurified (saline) wastewater into fresh surface water is no longer acceptable. Transporting this wastewater to a sewage water treatment plant
(RWZI) is not always the optimum solution. Building and managing your own plant is too expensive and too complex. What other options are available? This question was concerning a number of companies located at the Oosterhorn industrial park – the harbour district close to Delfzijl in the Netherlands. North Water supplied the answer by constructing a saline wastewater treatment plant using the Design, Build, Finance & Operate (DBFO) concept. Most of the companies at Oosterhorn industrial park are now connected to the treatment plant. The North Water plant is designed for growth, so that new companies can be connected in the future. The plant was commissioned in 2008 and now processes water from more than 30 companies.


business manager chemicals
E-mail: h.kats@groningen-seaports.com
Telefoon: +31 (0)6 4630 4274


North Water provides solutions for problems concerning water treatment and waste water purification for businesses in sectors which include a.o. the (petro-) chemical industry, the metal industry, the food industry, agro business and the energy sector.

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As a social enterprise Waterbedrijf Groningen broadly focuses on the sustainable protection of water interests. We and our partners contribute to the sustainable development of our region with activities relating to drinking and industrial water, sewer systems, international cooperation and energy.

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